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Our ambition is to photograph beautiful moments that commemorate, across generations, the people we love and the good times we have had. Creativity and experience are the main engines that keep it all going.

Best Photographers in Hyderabad

For freezing Life’s happier moments, capture them with Studio Lemon – the one-stop destination for seizing your sweet memories. At Studio Lemon, we use the most advanced and latest photographic equipment. Backed by a team of professional photographers in Hyderabad experienced in all aspects of photography, we are well-positioned to capture beautiful and precious moments of the occasion as they unfold. Whatever the occasion, we can be a reliable partner to capture the best moments from your special days.


To be the preferred one-stop solution for all type of photography needs and the best service provider among all photo studio in Hyderabad.


To capture moments that documents the beauty of the particular time allowing you to relive it and get lost in the pool of memory.

  • To provide quality in performance and exceptional photos one of a kind and unique.
  • To make our client’s experience thoroughly enjoyable and memorable.
Our Services 
  • Wedding Photography
  • Maternity Photoshoot
  • Newborn Photoshoot
  • Event Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Advertising or Lifestyle Photography
  • Maturity Photography
  • Candid Photography
  • Outdoor Photography

Studio Lemon has a team of the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad. They have a remarkable and distinctive photography style as they are well educated and enough experienced photographers. Their actual strength lies in knowing the actual meaning of all the rituals in the wedding that help them create artistic, expressive and whimsical images and distinguish them from other photographers in Hyderabad.

We have become the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad by winning the hearts of people with our unmatchable quality and creative photography skills. We understand that the true essence of photographs needs to be retained that is possible only by capturing the moments in their most natural forms and without damaging the feelings. Our passionate team of professional photographers in Hyderabad has made it to the top candid photographers in Hyderabad, India. We make use of the best technological instruments and several innovative ideas to provide the best quality of photographs from any event. In order to give beautiful memories to the clients, we work hard to create the best pre-wedding photoshoots in the locations that you yourself choose for your memories. We are very well aware that wedding is an event for a lifetime and every couple wants to keep those moments alive. Our team of professional photographers in Hyderabad is best at what they do because each and every member put a lot of effort to make the favorable outcome.

Mastering your camera or owning an expensive camera doesn’t make anyone a great photographer.  It’s all about the qualities that allow to see the beauty of the moment and capture it in a photograph. At Studio Lemon, professional photographers in Hyderabad have the talent of capturing the essence of moments through their eyes which they freeze by clicking photographs and making the moments precious for lifetime. Not only wedding photography in Hyderabad, we have top photographers in Hyderabad that have trained eyes to capture moments in all aspects of photography. 

Creativity and imagination is all what a good photographer needs. To turn out any ordinary moment into an extraordinary, creative mind and plenty of imagination is needed. Studio Lemon, a photo studio in Hyderabad that has a team of top photographers in Hyderabad who are certified and properly trained in order to turn out any event more special with their photography skills. So, hire our team of professional photographers in Hyderabad for any of the event that you are planning next. We ensure that you will have amazing time in the event and our candid photographers in Hyderabad would leave no stone unturned to make your event memorable whether it’s baby photoshoot in Hyderabad or any other event photography

The speciality of a good photograph is that it conveys the right vision or message. There are some key factors that are considered by our best photographers in Hyderabad to enhance the beauty of the photographs. They have an eye for detail that helps in scrutinizing every single element to bring out favourable outcome. Key elements that make up a good photograph are:

  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Storytelling
  • Emotion

To make any photo shoot successful, a photographer needs to have patience. There is a lot of hard work behind a perfect photograph. Our fashion photographers in Hyderabad understand what patience can pay off. So they are very much cooperative and make the client comfortable for clicking the photographs. Also, we have a photo shoot studio in Hyderabad where clients come for photography session or our candid photographers in Hyderabad go to the location suggested by the clients to capture the beautiful moments from their special events. 

The speciality of the best candid photographers in Hyderabad is that they know how to interact with clients and make them comfortable so that natural emotions can be captured by them. Every one of us get conscious when we see camera infront of us, but our professional photographers in Hyderabad don’t let you feel that. They use their tricks and photography skills that make then click best photographs of your from your special events and occasions. 

Why choose us?

The best thing about Studio Lemon, a photo studio in Hyderabad is that they are one-stop solution for any type of photography. Also, we have the best photographers in Hyderabad that are certified and enough experienced to capture moments from any events. They are all aware that what moments to capture to bring out the best results and perfect photographs. We offer photography in Hyderabad within affordable prices and put all efforts in making the event successful. At Studio Lemon, candid photographers in Hyderabad understand the importance of rituals and beauty of the moments. Before capturing any random moment from the camera, their eyes catch the beauty of the moment first and then click photographs of it. Whether it’s maternity photoshoot Hyderabad, product photoshoot or any other event photoshoot, our photographers in Hyderabad know how to nail the situation by capturing a perfect photo and impress their clients. 

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Studio lemon, the best ever photo studio in Hyderabad. This team made my wedding a memorable experience in life ….thanks to this wonderful team for all the efforts !!

Abhishek Cheriyala
studio lemon

Impressed with the photoshoot within the reasonable package. This experienced photographers team maintains good punctuality and with their skill, they made my marriage one of the most memorable weddings in my family. Thanks a lot

Mr. Raman Yadav

We had a great experience with Studio Lemon clicks. Hats off to photographers team for the hard work and creativity. We can’t thank you enough. You guys made our event so special. I wish u all d success….

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