New Wedding Photography Trends – We Discover Your BIG DAY in a Unique Way

February 13, 2020


A wedding is a beautiful occasion where we celebrate the big day with extreme love and laughs. It is the special day for the bride and the groom, a day from where the new life begins. Every day, we see the new inventions followed by new trends in the market. As technology is flourishing every second, it’s worth to expect new trends to experience. New trends come from the creative mind, mainly we observe in the field of photography. Studio lemon is one of the renowned photography services where creative minds and advanced equipment of our photographers always meet beyond the expectations of the customers. The reason behind why our creative brains are called the Best Photographers in Hyderabad is their uniqueness in every picture they capture. 

A wedding is a destination where we explore the pure love, pure happiness, and pure vibes. It is the collective jackpot where we experience the true heaven on earth. A wedding is all about the candid moments where the bunch of laughs over excites our big eyes to capture. Being one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad, we cover every little vibe from pre-wedding until the end of the big day. With the immense experience of our photographers, we ensure that your big day will be more cinematically to experience forever. There are new trends in wedding photography such as tranquil wedding photography, documentary, first look photos, selfie shots, proposal shots, aerial drone videography and more. We also have the Best Candid Photographers in Hyderabad to capture your ravishing natural moments.

  • Tranquil wedding photoshoot is all about capturing the photos of the bride and the groom in peaceful surroundings. The place where a new couple can spend their time together and where we can capture their candid moments. Being one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad, we use different lenses for different aspects of the shoot, as the tranquil wedding photography is all about capturing the real-time emotions and actions. Studio Lemon is also recognized as the Best Event Photographers in Hyderabad for all types of traditional or commercial events.

  • First look photos nowadays are also trending in the field of photography. As we all know, every bride and the groom after their wedding can’t wait to see the photos of their family in the traditional attire. To fulfill your wish, we provide the best first look photos of the bride, groom and the family members. We ensure that these first look photos will raise your excitement to an extreme level. Being the Best Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad, all we do is to give you a better experience of your special day by adding some new trending colors. 

  • Documentary Videography is one of the best ways to capture the natural and priceless emotions of happy faces. We know that a wedding is all about ravishing moments where the natural colors of every individual will be observed. With the immense experience in shooting the natural moments, we make you experience a short video of your big day covering some special moments and vibes. Studio lemon, being one of the Best Photographers in Hyderabad, we always go to an extreme level to bring the cinematic experience through wedding videos and photographs.

  • In this fast running generation, a new trend came ahead which is nothing but the selfie. As we all know, selfies are the best parts that completely covered the social media. This trend at the wedding has a true side of beauty. At a wedding, a group of people taking selfies with different expressions is the trend that is being captured by the photographers. Every photographer always looks for the cool vibes to capture and so at the wedding. Being one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad, we provide affordable wedding photography packages for our beloved customer satisfaction. 

  • Proposals shots are also trending in the field of photography which is now flourishing all over the world. Nowadays, at every wedding, we observe the proposal scene performed by the bride and the groom for the memory to experience over the years. With the years of experience of our wedding photographers, Studio lemon is now recognized as the Best Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad. We also have the best Baby Photographers in Hyderabad to capture the little cute vibes of your newborn baby. 

Apart from all these wedding photography trends, our photographers always come up with some new ideas to make your wedding, a lifetime memory. Our candid photographers always look for the best candid moments to capture. As we all know, the beauty of candid photographs is priceless, as it holds the real natural beauty. We have the Best Candid Photographers in Hyderabad to make capture all the candid moments of your wedding. Nowadays, it is very difficult to give a natural expression in front of the big eyes. So, the trend of capturing candid moments is flourishing all over. Being the Best Candid Photographers in Hyderabad, we always aim to capture the best natural moments in any type of event. 

Studio Lemon is also known for the Best Fashion Photographers in Hyderabad. As the field of modeling is booming all over the world, the demand for fashion photographers is rising beyond the expectations. Modeling is the field of fashion to promote the beauty of costumes or several fashion items. Modeling is not about the beauty of individual, but about promoting the latest brands. Our fashion photographers have immense experience in capturing your eye-catching photographs. We always aim to discover your beauty by adding more creativity and uniqueness for stunning photographs. Being one of the Best Fashion Photographers in Hyderabad, we make sure that our creative ideas will flourish your experience of our fashion photography. Studio lemon, being the Best Photographers in Hyderabad, we provide packages to other services such as Maternity, Outdoor family Photography, Product Photography, Maturity photography, Advertising or Lifestyle Photography and many more. Our photographers will discuss everything before the pre-wedding ceremony and go to an extreme level to prove more than your expectations. 


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